We think it’s fair to say that everyone in the armed forces is full of self-confidence. That ability to know and feel that you can do something well and succeed is pivotal, and Major Douglas Pierce was no exception. Yet, having served in Afghanistan, Major Pierce returned home to a situation that turned his self-confidence, and his world, upside down.

Included in the April 2014 issue of GQ Magazine that features an interview with Mënaji Skincare Founder Michele Probst, is reference to Major Pierce who, thru a Mënaji customer, was introduced to our products as a way to get his life back on track. When he returned from Afghanistan, instead of a kiss and a hug, he was served divorce papers and lost all contact with his children.  However, as he began to use skincare to improve his self worth, he regained his spirit.

Moved by his story and knowing Mënaji Skincare has made a difference, we believed it was important to tell his story. “Douglas has overcome so much and has turned his life around with tools to make him feel confident about mind, body and spirit” says Probst. “He now just completed his masters in marriage counseling and is stationed at Fort Cambell in TN to help other military families find love and hope”.

You can watch the video here.


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It’s “Fun Facts Friday” and in celebration of “Basketball Madness” we wanted to share these cool facts about March Madness!

#1: The tournament itself has been around since 1939. Started in Illinois, this annual tournament of high school boy’s teams emerged officially in 1908 and by the late 1930s had over 900 schools competing statewide.

#2: Henry V. Porter (former teacher, coach and assistant executive secretary of the Illinois High School association) invented the term. Porter published an essay named March Madness in 1939 and in 1942 used the phrase in a poem, Basketball Ides of March. In 1977 the Illinois HSA published a book about its tournament titled March Madness. The term stuck, especially in Illinois, and became known by everyone. http://www.basketball.org/march-madness-history/  The term is a registered trademark held by the NCAA and the Illinois High School Association.

#3: The first NCAA Championship Basketball Tournament was won by the University of Oregon Ducks. Glen Rice of Georgia University holds the distinction of scoring the most number of points in March Madness. In 1989, he scored 184 points among which 27 came from three pointers. He played 6 matches in the tournament. Shaquille O’Neal set an NCAA record by blocking 11 shots in one game for LSU in 1989. http://dynamomagazine.com/?p=2600

#4: The trio from Michigan State —  Morris Peteson, Charlie Bell and Mateen Cleaves — were fondly called the Flinstones because they all belonged to Flint in Michigan. http://www.bettingbasketball.org/betting-news/477/march-madness-fun-facts/

#5: A large portion of the fees generated from the licensing of the unified marks “March Madness” are used to fund college scholarships for Illinois high school boys and girls. http://www.ihsa.org/SportsActivities/MarchMadnessExperience/MarchMadnessHistory.aspx

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Reflecting the latest in prestige packaging, Mënaji Skincare has brought to market an updated look and feel for their best-selling HDPV Anti-Shine Powders.  Mënaji Worldwide, LLC. owner of the men’s grooming brand Mënaji Skincare, turned to BERT CO. paper and company in TN to create their new look and package.

“We were delighted to work with this niche, yet established brand in the rapidly growing men’s category.  With a loyal male customer base, we needed to update and improve one of the brand’s HERO products to meet today’s new aesthetics, touch and feel. Our job was to create a more environmentally sound paper package that addressed their target male customer both visually and tactically, and be true to the brand’s DNA” Brian Johnson, Vice President of Manufacturing.

The new HDPV box is functional and incorporates key package technology; with clearly marked SKU and UPC codes to enable retail stocking/ processing for the brand’s key department store partners. In turn, given the brands male client base, it sports a QR Code to enable immediate and/or ongoing customer engagement; given many of today’s male consumers love with technology purchase, e.g. m-commerce.

“We’re thrilled with the clean, functional box BERT CO created.  We’re now 100% USA manufactured and, with heavier paper stock than our original package, our new HDPV package is better suited for our male consumers and handsomely reflects our “affordable prestige” class of trade. The box’s design seamlessly ties in to our line’s established brand look and message and fits with the entire Mënaji Skincare family of products with a cohesive brand DNA look and feel.” Pamela S. Viglielmo, COO, Mënaji Worldwide, LLC.

In turn, the package copy and graphics meet the latest international EU compliance regulations.  With an approved global English copy, 100% EU compliant ingredient deck, and international icons to easily provide important product information, the new package meets the requirements of the brand’s global distribution partners.

Lastly, this new package reflects the company’s support of today’s sustainability. This new package is more environmentally friendly as it uses less printing dyes, incorporates more appropriate paper stock, to ensure a smaller carbon foot print all in a more eco-friendly manufacture process.

Mënaji Skincare is sold in select Nordstrom department stores and retailers across the country.

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