Mënaji Man: Josh McBride

Team Mënaji Skincare had the opportunity to catch up with Josh McBride.  As a On-Camera Entertainment Host and Lifestyle Expert, Josh started his career in acting after watching tv as a kid. Today Josh can be seen interviewing celebs like Kelly Ripa, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, running to fashion events, or working most red carpets in and around New York City. 

A regular user of Mënaji Skincare, here’s what Josh shares about his life and his favorite products. 

Menaji Skincare | Josh McBride

5 things you can’t live without? Cologne, Cell phone, Menaji Lip Balm Agent, smelly candles, my Temperpedic pillow.

Who has influenced you the most and why? I have two, one is my Mother for always listening and dealing with my crazy schedule. The other is Ryan Seacrest because the man can do it all.

Favorite advice you have ever received? ”90% of it is showing up.” My father would say this when I didn’t want to go to something or if I was nervous to host when first starting out…. It meant, show up, and it will all be gravy from there.

Favorite teacher? Professor Regine, my academic advisor wound up being my intro to marketing teacher. You could tell she thought about each lesson and how she could apply it differently to every class, to every student. A supportive, warm, caring, thoughtful, individual who was the reason I made it out of college.

Favorite Music? I go thru moods. Sometimes I’m ready to rock out to the latest hip-hop song and hit up the Beyonce/Jay Z concert, other times I’ll want to hear Frank Ocean, Jason Derulo, anything that gets me going and in a happy mood.

Describe your perfect day. Waking up on a Saturday morning in New York knowing you have no work, and its sunny, and all you want to do is go to central park and either grab a blanket or just walk the park with a close friend discussing life.

Which Mënaji Skincare product is your favorite? The HDPV Anti-Shine Powder. It’s the quick and perfect essential to have for any red carpet, any interview, any intro to a segment. Keeps me even, and so easy to use!

Josh McBride

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Man of the Future

What does the man of the future look like today? The man of the future is a leader who embodies confidence and a positive self-image. He is bold and modern. He is smarter, faster, stronger, and he understands the power of appearance. Menaji Skincare seeks to help men stay ahead of the game.

When you feel good about your image, you are more likely to exude confidence and success is sure to follow. All great candidates can answer the questions a hiring manager can throw at an interview, but which candidate was self-assured during their interview? That’s what prosperous companies will be looking for. Put in a little effort to improve the way you present yourself and the rising energy within you will be reflected in the eyes of others. Creating the best version of yourself, not only shows you have the guts to do the best in your position, but it also shows you have good work ethic. By taking the time to make sure you look a step above presentable, you are demonstrating you have the ability to put in time and effort into other aspects of your life, including your job, family, and health.

The man of the future will take care of himself physically and mentally. This is why skincare is on his list of daily activities. Skincare is commonly associated with keeping skin healthy and clear. However, many people overlook another benefit of skincare. In fact, skincare can help improve the mindset in some cases. It can be employed as a kind of therapy. A good skincare regimen is an example of an excellent stress reliever after a long day. It’s cooling, relaxing, and provides a sense of wellbeing. The motion from the routine itself is something familiar and can be therapeutic. Aside from going through the actual process, just the knowledge that your skin is being taken care of along with the compliments you receive for your blemish free skin is enough to give you a healthy dose of self-esteem.  Not only is skincare a way to heal the skin from the harshness of the day’s activities, but it is also healing to the mind as well.

The man of the future will use cosmetics and skincare. He will use them because he wants to get all he can out of life and because men’s skincare and cosmetics are readily available at increasing locations. Menaji Skincare is already a part of the future and will continue to help men achieve their goals and dreams for generations to come.


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At Mënaji Skincare, we know you are most confident when you look good.  And there is no one more confident than Philippe Petit who 40 years ago walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.  Lasting 45 minutes, he walked and danced back and forth eight times along the 450 pound cable. An amazing site for everyone watching below on the city streets of New York!

He eventually came down and was taken to the local police station. Charges were eventually dropped as along as he agreed to perform a free aerial show for kids in Central Park.

So in honor of “confidence”, we celebrate Philippe Petit.  You can read more about this man and his journey in this PBS Biography and watch this video from 1974. 

Tightrope walk across World Trade Center (1974)


Photo credit AP World Wide and Internet


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