Calling All Hot Men!


Next time you’re in Nordstrom – admit it, we’ve all been at least once – pop into the Men’s Furnishings Department and check out Mënaji, a men’s cosmetic/skincare line. Their high-def powder and concealer are pure genius because they’re undetectable yet camouflage men’s little boo-boos so no one will be the wiser.

Wondering why we’re so happy for this men’s line?

 It’s the story of how one local girl – as in a Parmer Elementary, Hillwood and Harpeth Hall alum – followed her dreams and created a niche business that landed her products inside not only her first department store, but the newest of them all in town.

 Mënaji founder and president Michel Probst, a celebrity make-up artist for more than 20 years with clients including Obama, Brokaw and McGraw, is thrilled for the Nordstrom experience. Since 2000, Mënaji has been sold on the Internet to men as far away as Africa, Singapore and the U.K. through her website Besides Nordstrom, Mënaji can also be found locally at Cosmetic Market, Jami and Stacey Rhodes Boutique. MS


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