The Best Places to Buy Grooming Gear Online


The best places to buy grooming gear online

By Lee Kynaston, contributor, MSN Him

If you buy all your grooming gear on the high street chances are you’re missing out on some great bargains and a wealth of choice. Grooming expert Lee Kynaston finds out what’s on offer.









Best for male cosmetics...

In the last few years sales of male cosmetics have rocketed, boosted in part by the realisation that a bit of concealer, anti-shine powder or a little fake tan is often the fastest and most effective way to deal with common grooming problems like dark circles, oil-slick skin and a cadaverous complexion.

And yet, while men might not be that scared of using them anymore, there's still a degree of embarrassment linked to buying male cosmetics. In fact, according to a survey by, a third of men cite embarrassment as a reason for buying their grooming gear online. Enter which brings together a whole load of cosmetic products aimed at men in a veritable Mecca of Metrosexuality.

Look out for... Brands like Mënaji. Used by male celebrities, politicians and news anchors in the States, there are some great skin-savers like the Anti Shine Powder and the fatigue-disguising CAMO Concealer. Don't worry - if you're a novice there are some great guides and instructional videos on the site too.


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