Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2012

Eros Meets Amour: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2012

by Mark Thompson

EDGE Style & Travel Editor

It’s not easy for everyone on Valentine’s Day.
There are a lot of Miss Lonelyhearts out there - and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show them some love.
Freed from the burden of creation myths, Valentine’s Day is about nothing so much as Eros and Amour.
Look around and celebrate those who put the amorous and erotic in your life - and make them love you a little more with any of these sensuous (and sensual...) gifts.

Mënaji: Eraser

If you’ve got a Valentine who loves nothing so much as his reflection (and really, what gay man doesn’t?), then you know that what he wants most for Valentine’s Day is something that’s going to preserve that pretty mug of his.

All those years of loving you have probably provoked a few wrinkles in that face of his, which means he might be a likely candidate for Mënaji’s Eraser. Eraser, as in "erase time." Formulated with retinol and lactic acid, Mënaji Eraser hydrates and tones skin with a combination of peptides that help to stimulate collagen production. The result is that fine lines are reduced, while tired and damaged skin gets plumped and hydrated.

For year, Michele Probst, the founder of Mënaji, worked with a celebrity clientele that was frequently in front of the cameras. Clients such as Enrique Inglesias, Bryan Batt, Aaron Neville - and even Barack Obama - recognized her expertise at making her male clientele look youthful and natural - without suffering from "foundation face."

In creating her own line, Probst focused on products that would enhance the natural healing properties of men’s skin. "Skincare For the Confident Man" is the company’s tagline - and with Eraser, Probst says that "you’re going to look ten years younger in a week."

Hello! Now what could be a better Valentine’s gift than looking twenty-five all over again.

PRICE: $78 / 1.5 oz / 45 ml

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