Mënaji- A New Approach To Men's Skin Care

Glamorously Jacob

By Glamorously Jacob


Mënaji is a men's skincare line created by Michele Probst, a celebrity makeup artist.

This men's skin care line is designed to help men cover dark circles and blemishes without being detectable. For men who aren't accustomed to wearing concealing products on their skin, you will find that this product line is very easy-to-use.

I think this line is a wonderful concept--it's a mixture of skin care and coverage (and by coverage I mean makeup). As the men's skin care market continues to mature, you will see more skin care brands delivering new products that include a coverage component.

Mënaji Skin Care System

Mënaji uses a four-part system to help men get clear, attractive skin without a lot of fuss.


They offer two unique products to cleanse the skin and help it absorb moisture.

The Face & Body Scrub clears clogged pores, scrubs away dead skin cells and soothes rough patches with vitamins. This formula contains jojoba, lime peel oil, ginseng, kelp, and other certified organic ingredients.

The Deep Cleansing Masque helps to draw impurities from the pores, tighten skin for a fresh look and enrich the skin with vitamins. This clay mask is designed specifically for men's skin, which produces about 20% more oil than a woman.


Mënaji also offers two products to correct the skin.

The first is the 911 Eye Gel, which is like an ice pack. This gel helps to soothe puffy eyes with chamomile, aloe and wheat protein. It's oil-free and hypoallergenic and can boost your skin's elasticity and lift the skin around your eyes.

Meanwhile, the Eraser reduces the appearance of age spots, smoothes out fine wrinkles and soothes sun-damaged skin. This product helps to rejuvenate the skin cells on the surface while enhancing your skin's elasticity.


There are two distinct products to protect your skin as well.

The Aftershave Hydrator is designed to moisturize your skin after shaving and replaces harsh alcohol-based aftershave products that do more harm than good. This lotion contains aloe, vitamin E, green tea and chamomile, along with hyaluronic acid to minimize the appearance of fine wrinkles while hydrating your entire face. The antioxidants in this lotion also protect against further damage by blocking free radicals.

And, the Lip Balm Agent has SPF 15 to protect your lips from harsh weather and sun. This lip balm soothes and moisturizers your lips without drying them out, like some wax-based balms. The unique formula includes vitamin E, plus oils from sunflower, macadamia and jojoba.


Finally, Mënaji has two excellent products for men to conceal blemishes and baggy eyes.

The Urban Camouflage concealer is the size of a lip balm so it can be discreetly carried in a pocket. It comes in 3 different tones to match your skin and hide everything from scars to blemishes. The jojoba-based product also has SPF 8 for added sun protection.

The HDPV Anti-Shine Powder is designed for professional men who need undetectable concealer that can hide from high definition filming. The Mënaji anti-shine powder is formulated with vitamins and is designed to counter the oil production in men's skin, which is higher than a woman's. It's available in 4 shades and help you get even skin that's undetectable.

Mënaji helps men get their best skin ever by addressing many factors of great skin. These products clean and exfoliate your face, help the skin remain toned, moisturize and treat your skin type, protect against the elements and provide nutrients that keep skin healthy.

If you are a guy looking to graduate from your basic skin care regimen to something that will help you achieve a flawless, natural look with coverage, then Mënaji is your brand.

To learn more or to purchase products, visit Mënaji.



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