Springtime is the Right Time: Grooming and Gift Guide



by Mark Thompson
EDGE Style & Travel Editor
Saturday Mar 3, 2012

Spring cleaning isn’t only for your closets. Springtime is the right time to clean up your life. Cleanse your pores while cleaning up the clutter. Get a new haircut and look at yourself in the mirror a little more closely. Scrutinize your skin after a winter spent indoors.

Then, peer into the medicine cabinet and donate some of your least favorite emollients to a friend in need. It’s time to make room for some new product.

Springtime is the right time to sip a cup of hot tea in a garden. Close your eyes to the sun and feel the warmth on your face.

Listen to the birds and the bees - and let the pheromones of the season reheat your libido.

Because springtime is also the right time for love.


Mënaji 911 Eye Gel (Source:Mënaji)

Mënaji: 911 Eye Gel

Late nights are killer when you have an early morning call. Your eyes reveal all - and an ice pack on the subway isn’t your style. You’re a little more discreet with your beauty regimen, which is where Mënaji 911 Eye Gel comes in.

This eye gel works like an ice pack by cooling puffy eyes with a combination of aloe, chamomile, wheat germ, and eyebright. The aloe cools and tightens the skin, while eyebright, a plant that has been used for centuries as a remedy for eye problems, relieves inflammation. Mënaji 911 Eye Gel is also formulated with allantoin, which promotes the growth of healthy tissue, and mica, which adds a light diffusing effect to minimize the appearance of fine lines.

For year, Michele Probst, the founder of Mënaji, worked with a celebrity clientele that was often in front of the cameras. Clients such as Enrique Inglesias, Bryan Batt, Aaron Neville - and even Barack Obama - recognized Probst’s expertise at making her clientele look youthful and natural - without suffering from "foundation face."

In creating her own line, Probst focused on products that would enhance the natural healing properties of men’s skin. "Skincare For the Confident Man" is the company’s tagline.

Bryan Batt, star of "Mad Men" and an inveterate night owl, swears that "Mënaji 911 is my savior; there’s nothing else like it." Given that Mr. Batt usually looks as if he’s stepped off the cover of a magazine, we’re following his lead.

For an added boost, chill Mënaji 911 Eye Gel in the fridge. In the morning, gently massage a drop of the lightweight gel around the eye and watch as the glittering specks of mica have their way with your dark circles. The effect is almost immediate. Now you’re ready to go get ’em, tiger.


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