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Written by A. Sebastian Fortino

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Camo Concealer – this man-friendly make-up by Mënaji Skincare is the world’s first concealer made with jojoba & other natural ingredients such as kaolin & beeswax. Normally I scoff at men wearing make-up, unless one counts the “retro-glam phase” of my college years & my…times in drag. However, there are some mornings when you didn’t get enough sleep because you had two deadlines to complete the day before & the bags under your eyes aren’t…from Prada. It’s mornings like this when you nick yourself shaving. It’s only then you realize you have an important meeting, interview or client. On those mornings you reach for the remarkably light, easy to blend Camo Concealer. The product is a favorite of lifestyle guru Colin Cowie, who discovered it in time for summer weddings, where he handed it to grooms who were not looking…freshly groomed. The matte-finish allows it to cover up any nick, flaw or circle on your face. No one will know the difference. In fact…I’ve used it under my eyes the past two days at work & no one had any idea! This cover-up stick is available at Nordstrom’s in light, medium & bronze.

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