September 07, 2011

Mënaji Products Blog "Perfect Guy Friendly Facial Products"

WhereCanIFindthePerfectLogoPerfect Guy Friendly Facial Products!

Not many skin care products are formulated specifically for men, which is why we were excited to discover Mënaji while browsing The Plaza Shops.  The brand was founded by celebrity makeup artist Michele Probst, who was inspired by her male clients - the likes of Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Prez Obama are noted fans - to create formulas that would make for an easy, at home skin care regimen.

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August 23, 2011

Why I love @MënajiSkincare

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August 06, 2011

August @MenajiSkincare Giveaway

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August 03, 2011

Mënaji featured in MR Magazine

MR_Aug_CoverGrooming Boom - increased traffic is just one reason to bring skin care products into your store

"It's only recently that men realized they have to take care of their exterior. They go to the health club, eat right and dress well, but neglect their face. So is the product jumping off the shelves? No. But itʼs a new arena and an education process.”

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July 27, 2011

Grooming for The Groom

groom-blog-postHave you ever noticed that at weddings, the bride is all dolled up but despite the suit, the groom sometimes looks a bit scrappy – shiny face, blotchy skin, bags under the eyes… need we say more? And what about the wedding video that was shot in HD (which shows every flaw)?

Don’t be that groom. At Mënaji, we’re all about looking good and feeling good, so we’ve come up with a grooming kit that will tackle your skin issues and hide the evidence that you stayed up too late at the rehearsal dinner.  The best part is that no one will be the wiser…

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