July 30, 2014

Menaji Founder Michele Probst featured in Nashville Lifestyle's Top Women in Business

Nashville Lifestyles Feature

March 26, 2014

GQ writer and suburban dad of three tests men's makeup and shows you can put your best man forward

GQ2014-insideSome women like to watch MMA. Some men like to get manicures. It's the twenty-first century—gender lines are blurry, and that's A-OK. But the next frontier might surprise you: lines of cosmetics, specially geared toward men. Or as one entrepreneur calls it, urban camouflage. Could this really catch on with regular guys? GQ's Drew Magary—the regular-est guy we know, a suburban dad of three—test-drove all the new products to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start asking ... "What the F#%k Is on Your Face, Brah?"

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February 15, 2014

'Makeup' goes masculine with Mënaji products

tennessean-thumbCall it a male baby boomer's best friend or the secret weapon of the CEO who is competing with young guns or even the next step for the metro-sexual grooming phenom. Just don't call it makeup.

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December 05, 2013

Real men now wear makeup

MarketWatchAdventures in the booming market for men's cosmetics

For most of my adult life — OK, make that all of my adult life — my morning "grooming" routine has gone something like this: a quick shower, followed by a quick shave. And if I have time to spare? I'd rather devote it to enjoying another cup of coffee than to slicking on some mousse. But in the past few weeks, I've upped that routine considerably.



September 23, 2013

Garden and Gun features Menaji Skincare in October/November 2013 Issue



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