January 06, 2015

Mënaji, Playboy and The Made-Up Man: In 2015, Will Men Wear Make-Up?

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In the January/February 2015 issue of Playboy, Joel Stein writes:

"In the not too distant future, men will start to wear makeup all the time...

Menaji - which names it man makeup manly things such as CAMO Concealer, packages it in manly ChapStick-like containers and mailes it in manly cigar boxes - has been worn by regular dudes including Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw and Neil Young...

So you can either wait to be the last puffy, wrinkly, spotted dude in America, or take advantage of this transitional moment, put on some moisturizer with tint and out-handsome the competition."

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December 03, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Menaji's 3-in-1 ClearShave Gel makes the list of Editors' Picks! See the handful of goodies in Nashville Lifestyles magazine.
Nashville cover article

November 17, 2014

Men's Travel Essentials: Grooming on the Go

Lodging magazine, the official publication of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, recommends Menaji Skincare "for men who need to look sharp for that business meeting or want to freshen up after a long flight. The Camo Concealer covers surprise blemishes or razor bumps, and the 911 Eye Gel refreshes like a mini-icepack." 

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November 03, 2014

International Boom of Men's Skincare Products


Menaji Men's Skincare and men's grooming products are experiencing a growth in the U.S., Asia, UK, Netherlands and other countries. The idea of men's personal care products and cosmetics is now more widely accepted for the everyday man, not just industry professionals or media personalities.

The founder of Netherlands website Beauty for Men writes, "Men and makeup; 2 words that at first glance don't seem to go together." 

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August 18, 2014

Essentials of the Modern Man's Grooming Kit

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It's not make-up, it's cover-up. And it's an essential part of modern man's grooming kit. Ok, so it may not sound very macho, but with $30 billion spent on male cosmetics globally every year, make-up for men is no longer a taboo. And trust us, there's nothing girly about preparing your face for action.
Michele Probst, founder of men's skincare range Menaji, says: "Male cosmetics aren't about looking pretty. It's cover-up and it needs to be undetectable." So if it's undetectable, why bother? "Men produce 20% more oil in their skin than women," Michele explains. "We need help controlling shine and spots." So read our guide and wait for the "Have you been on holiday?" compliments to roll in.
 - UK magazine Forever Sports

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