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NPR Interview With Michele Probst, September 2012

"Makeup for male politicians, explains Michele Probst — founder of Menaji Skincare for men — should appear natural and be undetectable. "It's about making the candidate look healthy and appealing," she says. "Not pretty." 

For Obama's face she suggests a "nice matte." She adds: "I also wouldn't mind if he took away some of the earned gray hair. He needs to look fresh and ready to go." 

And for Romney: "For such an attractive man, he certainly doesn't seem to have found a comfortable look." The former governor "needs to go maybe a half-shade warmer than his natural skin tone." 

And as for Romney's hair, perhaps "not so much product."

- Excerpt from NPR article (below)

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In The Cut Interviews Michele Probst, September 2012

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