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Behind the scenes for Live in Manhattan w/ Trinnette Faint & crew











Left: Chatting up Michele at Casa Nonna in Manhattan

Right:Hanging with the crew, Casey and Ryan LaMarca of LaMarcable Productions.


Mënaji hits Nashville


Jamie's Boutique, Nashville, TN.


Susi and Brittany of the Mënaji Team with Cody Belew. At a great PR event at Jamie's Boutique.



The Bathroom in West Village, New York City













 Michele Probst (Mënaji Skincare) with Colin & the gang from The Bathroom in NYC.


Warren Tricomi Salon Launch Event at The Plaza, NYC




Above left: Michele Probst (Mënaji Skincare), Edward Tricomi (co-owner, Warren Tricomi Salon), Valeria White (Director of Retail) 

Above right: Chaz Pringle (Mënaji Client) and Pamela Viglielmo (Mënaji Skincare)


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