GQ writer and suburban dad of three tests men's makeup and shows you can put your best man forward

GQ2014-insideSome women like to watch MMA. Some men like to get manicures. It's the twenty-first century—gender lines are blurry, and that's A-OK. But the next frontier might surprise you: lines of cosmetics, specially geared toward men. Or as one entrepreneur calls it, urban camouflage. Could this really catch on with regular guys? GQ's Drew Magary—the regular-est guy we know, a suburban dad of three—test-drove all the new products to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start asking ... "What the F#%k Is on Your Face, Brah?"

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'Makeup' goes masculine with Mënaji products

tennessean-thumbCall it a male baby boomer's best friend or the secret weapon of the CEO who is competing with young guns or even the next step for the metro-sexual grooming phenom. Just don't call it makeup.

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Garden and Gun features Menaji Skincare in October/November 2013 Issue



The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch Features Menaji Skincare as a Top Gift for the Man in your Life



Menaji featured in New Orleans Times Picayune



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