• "I'm just a regular business man and my wife kept suggesting that I check into some skincare products. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I couldn't believe how much younger and healthier I looked after using this Eraser product. Unbelievable. Thanks Menaji Skincare!"

    — Kenneth Tyrrell / Chicago


Go back in time
Rejuvenate wrinkles and damaged skin

Regenerate surface cells and erase fine lines by delivering collagen back to the source. This Mënaji anti-aging skincare formula leverages the molecular structure of peptides to enhance the elasticity, strength and texture of your skin.

  • Wrinkles smooth out as collagen is reintroduced to tired skin cells
  • Reduce redness and age spots
  • Revitalizes sun and weather damaged skin


Skin Types: All

How to Use
Apply this powerful nighttime treatment before you start counting sheep.

• Pour out desired amount onto fingertips.
• Apply to areas that appear to be aging, or all over face (being careful of eye area). Don't forget the neck and back of your hands.
• Gently massage into skin using circular motions.



Pricing: US $78

1 Fl. Oz./30ml.
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CAMO Concealer

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