• "The Aftershave Hydrator is the best product for dry skin. Climate changes here in Paris are rough on my skin and this has been the perfect product that’s not too oily or too heavy like others I have tried. It takes away the dryness both on my face and body and I use it daily. 

    Now my international friends are using it!"

    — Ryan Knowles / Paris, France


Rebuild that face
Everything your skin needs after a shave

Power-hydrate your razor-raw face with powerful nutrients. Our aftershave balm infuses your skin with anti-oxidants and botanicals, soothing and moisturizing your chin without the sting of alcohol-based aftershaves. Much more than an aftershave, use wherever you want to increase your skin's moisture level to keep it healthy and hydrated.

  • Lightweight lotion consisting of chamomile, green tea, grapefruit peel, vitamin E and aloe
  • Hyaluronic acid increases skin's moisture level and minimizes wrinkle lines
  • Promotes healthy skin with all-day protection


Skin Types: All

How to Use
Perfect for apres-shave or after using the Face & Body Scrub.

• Pour out desired amount into your palm.
Apply onto face, neck and chest; wherever needed.
• Great on elbows and feet in the winter time!


Aftershave Hydrator


Pricing: US $34

4 oz/118ml
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Pricing: US $26

3.4 oz/100ml
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