My wife bought this for me and I have to say, I was a little gun shy. I'm definitely a macho kind of guy, but I love it because no one knows I'm wearing it. 

- Aaron Neville, Singer


Having had to wear products as an actor for the last 20 something years, nothing has saved me more than the 911 Eye Gel. If I have to travel for an early call time or if I'm just having a bad day, this is the best product I've ever used. 

- Bryan Batt, Actor


I have known Michele and her products from the beginning. They are amazing and my clients love them. Mënaji is just for me! 

- Manuel, Clothing Designer


When I've had a late night or an early morning meeting, but especially when I'm on the road and I need to look my best, your product line fits the bill. The 911 Eye Gel is a must! 

- Steve Azar, Country music star


After meeting Michele Probst and learning of her line that she decided to take to the streets to make her product available to every man who wants to look great whatever the occasion. I was fascinated. I began using it for television appearances and was instantly impressed because I didn't feel made-up or that I was wearing cosmetics. It's easy to apply, matte and totally undetectable. And the concealer stick under the eyes is miraculous with a hangover. Menaji's star product, Camo Concealer, is virtually undetectable on the skin; even your bride won't know it's there. It will discreetly
hide your facial imperfections and make you look like the handsome devil you are, just a little more rested and a little more well- groomed. It comes in three skin tones and goes on easily. The stick looks like any old lip balm and not some girlie cosmetic product. Very man-friendly.  

- Colin Cowie, Celebrity Wedding Planner

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