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Fundrasing with Trump - Prostate Cancer Foundation


Mënaji raises more money for Prostate Cancer Research


Mënaji Skincare sponsors PCF Pro Am

001aMënaji Skincare sponsors PCF Pro Am again this summer @ the Hamptons. Jimmy Connors helped serve up another $750,000 to reach almost 12 million so far raised for Prostate Cancer.



Mënaji Man Contest

Hey guys! Tell us your best story about great results you have noticed from your favorite Mënaji Product along with a headshot. The winner will receive a FREE gift from Mënaji and your picture will appear on the Mënaji website and be seen by millions all over the world.

Enter here now:


Mënaji in the Movies

Michele just wrapped a feature film "Heart of Gold" movie with Neil Young, directed by Jonathan Demme out in Theatres now. Also catch Mënaji products in "The Second Chance" produced by Coke Sams starring Michael W. Smith.


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