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Enrique Iglesias Autograph


Anne Hathaway’s parents at The Plaza….Anne’s Dad just treated himself to Mënaji!


Michele and Diddy's makeup artists Merrell and Mark at the Plaza in NYC.


Diggy Loves Mënaji


"The shoot went well. Diggy is a sweetheart and literally the next big thing in hip hop. He was concerned about having makeup on but when I discussed how Mënaji works great for men he was relaxed. He didnt want any video of him getting makeup done but he did let me snap a shot with him and look whose is in the picture with us!!! Thank you again for everything. The photos are actually for his album cover so this is a big deal. They liked me so much that they want to book me for his video in LA and for the BET awards...I can't thank you enough. I look forward to using Mënaji again real soon. Have a super day! BIG KISS!!!"


Academy of Friends - Academy Awards Gala Event

academy_of_friends1Academy of Friends - Academy Awards Gala Event

academy_of_friends2  academy_of_friends3  

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