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Mënaji gets Political

Jamie Tyrrell for Mënaji Skincare just completed working on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews and introduced the products to over twenty senators and helped put their best face forward.


Leno in Nashville

lenoJay Leno was just in town doing a personal appearance for a Cancer Charity event with Mega stars and we had to rush Mënaji products to him.
Mënaji to the rescue!!!!!!  

The Telegraph

efgroom28Grooming: Blair does it, generals do it, even accountants and preachers do it. Men have been using cosmetics for thousands of years - is it really a big deal that Tony Blair does too, asks Iain Hollinshead  

Mënaji Skincare helps Trump

Mënaji Skincare Helps Trump raise 1.8 Million

trump The Mënaji team has come on board with Trumps organization to participate in all charitable events for prostate cancer. Donald Trump and George Hamilton are new Mënaji celebrity clients.


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